With its focus on composition, the Summartónar festival is a continuous, vital dynamo in the development of Faroese music. The programme reflects its role as a platform for new works by Faroese composers, including several debut performances. In the past few years, Summartónar has also presented improvised music as well as contemporary folk music.

The festival offers a great lineup of unique live experiences, inlcuding amongst many others the “Concerto Grotto” – a spectacular event, held on Tuesdays and Sundays from June until and including August. During the last several years, Birgir Enni, skipper of the vessel Norðlýsið (the Northern Light), and Kristian Blak, artistic director of Summartónar, have arranged trips with musicians and audiences to caves, into which – weather permitting – one can enter in smaller boats, utilizing the natural sounds and unique acoustics of the caves as integral parts of the music. These concerts have taken place in collaboration with Summartónar, which brings visiting musicians in addition to local performers into these unique Faroese concert halls. See the programme for these concerts on Tuesdays from June 5th to August 28th and Sundays from June 3th to August 26th.


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26. August 2018 - at 13:00

Cave Concert: keyboard og birch bark trumpet

Kristian Blak (Originally Saxophone with Sigurður Flosason)

28. August 2018 - at 13:00

Cave Concert: birch trumpet

Kristian Blak


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