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Cruise the islands onboard the vintage sailship Norðlýsið. The name means The Nordic Light which is fitting for this iconic scooner rigged sailship that has been active since it was built in the Tórshavn shipyard in 1945. The artist Tróndur Pætursson renovated the ship in 1984 and he considers the ship one of his best works. 


The ship can be chartered all days of the week. The minimum is three hours: 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm, 5pm - 8pm or 9pm - 12am.

Contact Frank on +298 321945 or

Below deck

The forecastle

In the unique forcastle there is ample room around the handcrafted table for 14 people. This is also the number of berths available. The toilet with shower is completely renovated in 2020 and so is the galley.

Dry dock

Dry dock at MEST shipyard in Tórshavn. Where Norðlýsið was built in 1945.

From february to april the ship undergoes major repairs and maintainance.


Mast coin story

A faroe islander is never at a loss.

It is customary to throw a coin under the mast when it is mounted. These are the treasures under our masts. "Is that a credit card?" you may ask. Yes it is. When our masts were replaced, one of the crew did not have any coin to place under the mast for luck. A Faroe Islander is never at a loss. He just threw his creditcard under the mast in stead.

Norðlýsið brown ale

In honour of the ship and it's captain.

The faroese brewery OKKARA has brewed a special brown ale to honour Norðlýsið and it's, now retired, captain Birgir Enni who has made the ship the known and loved part of faroese culture it is today. It was presented at Birgir Enni's seventy years birthday celebration which also celebrated Norðlýsið's thirty years in tourism in his capable hands.

Photos from our adventures