Repairs and maintainance 2020   

In dry dock from january to april for repairs and maintainance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard the restored and improved ship.


The bow needs repairs

30-03-2020: The bow is added to the project.


Repairs in good progress

13-02-2020: The repairs are coming along nicely.


Fueltanks removed

07-02-2020: The fueltanks are to be replaced.


Engine removed.

07-02-2020:T The M.W.M, 199 KW/270 HK engine from 2004 is going to be replaced by a new VOLVO engine.


The timber arrives

05-02-2020: The timber for the rib replacements arrives to the shipyard hall. 


Weelhouse is dismounted.

31-01-2020: The weelhouse has to come off in order to replace the engine.


21-01-2020 on dry dock

The ship is hauled onto a mafi wagon and transported to the MEST shipyard hall.