Frequently asked questions   

Where do i find the ship?

The ship is moored in the harbour by the marina

The mooring is opposite the two cafés: "Kaffihusid" and "UMAMI". You can ask the taxi driver to drive you to Norðlýsið. They - and almost everyone else know. :-)

Foggy days

Do we cancel our trips due to fog?

On foggy days we are often asked if the trip is cancelled. This is almost never the case. With reasonable visability fog sets the scene for a fantastic experience. Sights and sounds are transformed and you really feel the hand of the past on your shoulder while you sail by the birdcliffs in this vintage sailship. (The hairs on my neck are standing just writing these words.:-)

You are safe onboard. The ship is equipped with radar, GPS navigation and AIS system that tells other ships where we are and shows us who is in the vicinity.

Infants/small children

Are infants and small children allowed on our trips?

As a rule children accompanyed by adults are acceptable on our Sightseeing Cruises. We have to know in advance, so that we can make sure we have the necessary safety equipment.
However the Concerto Grotto trip has special considerations in regard to infants and small children as the passengers leave the ship to enter the grotto in a rubber boat. The adult with responsability for an infant or small child can not leave the ship for the concert.
Ages 0 to 4 years pay 1/3 of the ticket price. Ages 5-12 pay 1/2 price.  
If you have further questions please contact us.