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   Experience the Faroe Islands by sea   
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Seaside Cruise

WEDNESDAYS and on request. (1 PM TO 3 PM)

Get some fresh sea air on this short cruise along the coastline.

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Island Sightseeing Cruise


Escorted by the sea birds we visit the majestic cliffs on the east side of  Nólsoy. The large island opposite Tórshavn. We pass the old lighthouse on "Borðan" and return to Tórshavn, enriched and refreshed. 


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Ride the Wind

WEDNESDAYS (9 AM TO 12 PM) and on demand

Let us take you for a ride on the wind! Norðlýsið is scooner rigged and can set seven sails: Foresail, mainsail, two topsails and three jibs or bermuda sails (the ones in front).

The idea is, that you participate if able.

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Sunset and Midnight Cruise

WEDNESDAYS (10 PM TO 3 AM) and on demand

Watch the sunset and experience the Faroese summer night onboard our unique ship.

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Fish and Eat trip

Why not do some fishing while you enjoy the views?

Norðlýsið has seen a lot of fish in it's time and there is no substitute for fishing from a vintage wooden sailship. We have the facilities to prepare a meal from the catch. 

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Or phone: +298 321945

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Concerto Grotto 2020

Experience live music in a sea grotto

 “Concerto Grotto” is a spectacular event. During the last several years, Birgir Enni, skipper of the vessel Norðlýsið (the Northern Light), and Kristian Blak, artistic director of the music festival Summartónar, have arranged trips with musicians and audiences to seacaves, into which one can enter in smaller boats, utilizing the natural sounds and unique acoustics of the caves as integral parts of the music. The collaboration with Summartónar brings visiting musicians in addition to local performers into these unique Faroese concert halls.

Sceduled concerts on Sundays and Tuesdays from june to september 2020.

See scedule with intended musicians and instruments.


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Hire Norðlýsið

Hire the ship for your own adventure

You can hire Norðlýsið and crew for your own adventure. Make it a fishing trip or a trip with good food and a relaxing soak in our special hot seawater pool.  . +298 321945

2020 trips

Our 2020 program. Ready for booking

Cruises and special event trips. Experience live music in a sea grotto, arrive at the G! festival in style, have the fishing trip of a lifetime or climb a remote island. We are here for your vacation to show you Faroe Island from the best side.

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Norðlýsið brown ale

In honour of the ship and it's captain.

The faroese brewery OKKARA has brewed a special brown ale to honour Norðlýsið and it's founding captain Birgir Enni who has made the ship the known and loved part of faroese culture it is today. It was presented at Birgir Enni's seventy years birthday celebration which also celebrated Norðlýsið's thirty years in tourism in his capable hands.

Photos from our adventures