The Story behind Norðlýsið   

The story behind Norðlýsið

Norðlýsið was built at the Tórshavn Shipyard in World War II as a sailship with a helping motor. The ship is built from oak tree. The material came from Canada, and is canadian oak which is said to be exceptionally good.  It was the second ship produced at this shipyard. 

The ship was finished and given the first owners 5th of May in 1945, the same day as World War II ended.


Norðlýsið was used primarily as a fishing ship a round the Faroes from 1945 until 1980. 

Norðlýsið was the first ship that was fishing for herring with fishing nets.


From 1985 until 1989 the ship was renovated for a more schooner rigging. 

The ship has since then focused primarily on tourists, and sail each summer around the islands to show tourists what a beautiful country they are visting.


The translation of the faroese name "Norðlýsið" is "The Northern Light".